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Grow Towards Wellness

Heal Yourself.  Tap into your vital force and choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is a lifelong path of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and vitality.

herb, herbs, herbal, herbalism, herbalist, plant medicine, natural medicine, holistic,  clinical

Your Health & Wellness Matter

Vital Force Herbs hopes to help guide and empower you in the process of working towards optimal wellness for yourself. We provide botanical formulas of the highest quality, and always certified organic, home grown organic, or respectfully wildcrafted.

herb, herbs, herbal, herbalism, herbalist, plant medicine, natural medicine, holistic,  clinical

Live With Passion & Purpose

 Integrating sound nutrition, healthy habits, knowledge of your personal energetics, and plant medicine into your everyday life can support your growth and well being;  the next higher octave of you.

Vital Force Herbs provides Wellness Consultations  to  encourage and guide you in this endeavor.

Our Story


Your vital force + plant medicine= a match made in heaven!

Your body’s innate intelligence to heal and repair itself, the plants inherent wisdom to communicate with your body and bring it’s medicine where and how it is needed come together in perfect harmony. Plants are magic, we are capable…Heal yourself!

Vital Force herbs is a small family business in Sw Portland. We grow, harvest, and process most of our own herbs on a little spot of Earth under the oak trees on the edge of the city. 

We formulate our recipes based on Vitalist traditions and teachings of herbal medicine, working with many traditional frameworks to match individual human and plant energetics to heal the root of the cause of our illnesses and imbalances, and fortify our healthy beings on all levels. 

Our products are crystal infused, bringing the wisdom of the mineral kingdom and magnification properties to our formulas. Crystals and plants hold deep memories of the ages, keys to human consciousness that can unlock doors of healing, working synergistically within the deepest parts of ourselves.  

See more about our practitioner on the Bio page.

Vital Force Herbs operates in the spirit of service to bring the plants to the people


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